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Casa T

progetto. refurbishment of a patio house

date. 2011-2015

loc. Cagliari, Pirri


Artech studio (MEP)

Spazioprogetto (structures)

Barbara Pau  (photography)

From the initial stages of the work, the ideas and design choices of Casa T came out from the intersection between the reading of the pre-existing structures and the set of wishes expressed by the client and summarized in a detailed program set at the base of the design process.

The house was built in the 1930s according to the traditional "Campidanese" courtyard layout. In the following years new volumes and incongruous additions progressively overlapped the original part, profoundly altering the building and saturating the lot and in particular its courtyard.

The functional program proposed by the clients, a family with children, was divided into a series of specific needs: enhancing the courtyard / garden, building a living area on the ground floor in continuity with the courtyard and a garage, defining an independent part to be dedicated to Bed and Breakfast with independent entrance and placing on the first floor a sleeping area for the exclusive use of the family.

The project brought together the two points of view, the one derived from the rereading of every single element of the original structure and the one defined by the indications of the functional program. The result was a concept that underlies the architectural choices and that gave to the house a special and unique character: not by opting for the integral demolition but starting from "what already existed", the house was conceived as a cinematic sequence, a modulation of pre-existing spaces and walls that can be perceived as single perspective sequence starting from the entrance on the street: passing the boundary wall the courtyard, then the window layer, the original intermediate wall and finally the new concrete septum that serves as a conclusive perspective focus. To the elements of this sequence are assigned materials of increasing densities, from the void of the courtyard, through the glass, the perforated intermediate septum, to the final wall, made of reinforced concrete, the densest material.

The concrete wall, the white plaster, the iron of the new pergolas made up of sunshades and the rough plasters form the palette of materials and natural colors chosen to give the house a Mediterranean and contemporary habitability. The spaces follow one another in a continuous reference of lights and colors that take life and origin from the heart of the house, the courtyard-garden, to which the project has returned the role of centrality of the home, as the initial program and the wishes of the clients had defined since the beginning phases of the redesign.

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