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C+C04 architects

C+C04 is an architectural studio based in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Founded in 2002, C+C04 is a collective of architects and engineers with expertise in the fields of architectural design, environmental sustainability, energy saving and security.

Each concept of C+C04 comes from listening to the wishes, aspirations and needs of the client, from the study of shapes and history of the locations and ends with the proper control during the stage of construction.


C+C04 offers design and management services for real estate development and construction processes.
The portfolio of the studio consists mainly of restructuring, re-use and new concepts, interiors, homes, commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels and public buildings. 

The works of C+C04 have won numerous awards in design competitions, have been published in prestigious national and international architecture magazines, and have been displayed at exhibitions and conferences.

Filosofia di progetto

The project idea of C + C04 as knowledge and as learning process has grown thanks to the answers given during situations initially linked to the subject of home and living. The link between all our works is the abstract and theoretical perception of some principles that go beyond the form, a reflection of some priorities which can be declined in specific conditions.
In our "system of theoretical references", the search for the correlation between the form of architecture and the form of living is a central aspect. Each project is the outcome of a process of formation (during the action) that starts from programmatic data and context (material and immaterial, historical, cultural and economic) and develops to reveal itself according to unexpected geometries.

In this sense, the project of the Casa CU is exemplary, a single-family house that was born in the semi-periphery of a small town in southern Sardinia. Here the urban development planning had set few rules; among all, the distance from the road and side borders, which resulted in a settlement consisting of partially secluded houses in the plots and placed in the end of the bounds. At an early stage, these building regulations seemed in compliance with regulatory provisions. During the development of the project, on the other hand, the human environment was superimposed, an idea of residence that the clients defined as the sole request: the presence of a garden, with the patio, small, cozy, intimate, sheltered from the external world.

Therefore, the morphological articulation emerged from the distance and from the intersection between the possible forecasts and the housing expectations. It conformed in the intersection between a type of secluded house and one with patio: the first, substantiated by the observance of the distance from the borders; the second, obtained by subtracting the patio from an ideal, compact shape, which limits are partly defined by the volume of the house, and partly by the horizontal surfaces that cover the interstitial spaces. Thus, Casa CU presents itself as conventional in its relationship with the urban space, but reveals, once the intermediate threshold of the interior spaces has been overcome, a quality of unexpected living in the relationship between the living space and the patio-garden space.

Our projects determine an idea of space and form of living that sets man back in the center of his world, from which the avant-gardes had driven him away; he is again a creative agent and objects are no longer considered independent ideas.
This return to humanity is linked to an idea of architecture as a social value, in which we believe. It is mainly measured by the quality of everyday life and has to do with the comfort of living, not exclusively confined to the temporal sphere of tourism and leisure, but extended to all aspects of daily life.

Design philosophy

Chi siamo

C+C04 is a collective of architects and engineers with expertise in the fields of architectural design, environmental sustainability, energy saving and security.

Mario Cubeddu

senior architect, partner, expert in architectural design

Mario Cubeddu (1968) graduated in architecture from the University of Westminster, London, in 1999. Since 2005 he has been teaching as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Cagliari and since 2013 he has been teaching design methodology at the IED in Cagliari.


In 2002 he founded, with Pier Francesco Cherchi, C+C04STUDIO, where he carries out his professional activity with interventions ranging from the renovation of apartments, to the design of residential buildings, commercial spaces and public buildings.

Roberta Di Simone

engineer, partner, team leader, expert of integrated design on REVIT BIM, quantity survey and worksite safety

Gabriele Antonino Coco

engineer, partner, team leader, expert of integrated design on REVIT BIM, quantity survey and sustainable design

Davide Pisu

architect, BIM manager

Alessandra Cirina

architect, BIM and rendering

architect, BIM manager and quantity survey

Francesca Cogoni

What we do

We cooperate with private clients, companies, real estate companies and public clients in the development of small, medium and large-scale projects.

The long experience gained in various fields of architectural projects allows us to offer advanced design and management services for the construction of small, medium and large scale projects.

We coordinate the work of our design team (architects, structural engineers, plant and acoustic engineers, light-designers, etc.) on the Revit BIM platform.

We proceed by dividing the project into phases, schematically referable to the following activities:

. assistance to clients and real estate companies in the evaluation of properties and interventions
. verification of technical and regulatory feasibility, due diligence
. definition of the program according to the client's needs and the technical-regulatory framework
. preliminary architectural drawing (concept design)
. design and visualization solutions with VR 3d viewer
. preliminary project of technological solutions and preliminary verification of costs
. project of energy and acoustic efficiency
. final design and calculation of the building cost
. enforceable design, safety, and cost control
. project management, assistance in the selection of materials and management of the enforcement process
. safety during the design and execution phase
. completion: verification, inspections and start-up


Since 2009 we have been developing projects on the BIM Revit Architecture platform.

We use BIM technology to optimize the coordination of professional skills in the design process, the study of constructive detail, the control of execution and the continuous updating of "as built" project during the construction phase.
Our customers view the space designed using the Virtual Reality 3D viewers.

In real time we experience the immersion in the project and we effectively understand the size, shape and appearance of the space.

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