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C+C04 architects

We are architects focused on architectural design and environmental sustainability.

We design by keeping in mind the belief that space and the surrounding environment have a positive effect on people's lives. Our work arise from listening to wishes, aspirations and needs of the client, from the study of shapes and the history of places.
Our ideas take shape through the meticulous development of every meaningful detail and proper control during the stage of construction.

Our portfolio consists of renovation projects, re-use and new concepts, interiors, homes, commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels and public works.

C+C04 è uno studio di architettura con sede in Sardegna a Cagliari. Cagliari architetto. Cagliari architettura. Architettura in Sardegna. Sardegna architetti. Architetti in Sardegna. Migliori architetti in Sardegna. Migliore architetto in Sardegna. Architettura moderna in Sardegna. Architettura minimalista in Sardegna. Architettura Sostenibile in Sardegna


Progetti selezionati

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via Riva Villasanta, 59 - Cagliari (CA)

09134 - Italy


+39 - 070 - 521611



+ 39 - 070 - 9532307



Selected publications

The C+C04 projects are published in prestigious national and international architecture magazines, including: Abitare, Almanaco di Casabella, Domus, Ottagono, Il Giornale dell'Architettura, AD Architectural Design, Archetipo.

Some of our works have been selected and displayed during exhibitions and architecture festivals such as: Parma Architecture Festival, La Casa Collettiva Italiana, Festarch 2008, Rizoma Architecture Biennale, Italy Now selection of Italian architecture for EXPO 2011.

In 2016 the editor Libria released the monograph "Forme dell'Abitare" which collects a selection of our housing projects.

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